Peace in Your Strength

A Story By Me

isaiah 41;10Most of my life I have had panic attacks.  When I have a panic attack most of the time they come out of nowhere and most of the time they seem to be about nothing. At times they can be so strong they cause me to lose a grip on the reality that I am having a fear about nothing.  When a panic attack starts usually at first I will feel an overwhelming sense of doom, and then the fear will start to come in really fast eventually overwhelming me. Over the years I have learned how talk myself out of having a full blown panic attack. After Jesus came into my life they seemed to not be as severe anymore though I did still have them from time to time.

They came back pretty strong again when I woke up one morning almost 4 years ago with a bright glow in…

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2 thoughts on “Peace in Your Strength

  1. Totally understand Terri, awful feeling indeed, over the last three years mines have got worse, but they not so bad now. I will most certainly keep you in prayers as these panic attack things are not nice at all. God bless. We can do this. Ok. It’s satan…

    • Your comment caused me to go back and re-read what I wrote here. This post was from last fall and In light of what I went through this past weekend with my panic and social anxiety it was good for me to go back and read this and I realized that though I still have them I have came a long long way and God is still here as always right beside me. Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement, I will pray that your panic attacks continue to get better. IThanks also for sharing about your own struggles with this. Blessing to you!

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